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Background to the project

The General Municipal Development Plan of Vilanova i la Geltrú (PGOM), which was approved in 1981, zoned the Eixample Nord sector and classified it as undesignated land for development.

The Review of the PGOM in 2001, classified the Eixample Nord sector as zoned development land, and envisaged its development in the first four-year period.
The Government Committee, on 27 December 2005, approved the change of urban development system from compensation to cooperation, as it had not been developed in accordance with the terms envisaged in the plans.

The plenary session of the Council, of 18 September 2006, approved the urban development collaboration agreements with the Institut Català del Sòl (INCASÒL – Catalan Land Institute) and “Subirats Berenguer Immobiliària SA”, with regard to the exchange and transfer in Eixample Nord of the Platja Llarga urban development, in order to preserve this natural space.

On 26 March 2007, the plenary session of the Council initially approved Modification of the PGOM in the Eixample Nord sector, which incorporates the reservation for building development of Platja Llarga and envisages significant third-sector development and business activity with moderate residential densification and an increase in publicly-subsidised housing, and establishes as acting administrator “El Consorci per al Desenvolupament Urbanístic de l’Eixample Nord” (The Consortium for the Urban development of Eixample Nord), founded for this purpose by the Council of Vilanova i la Geltrú and the Institut Català del Sòl.

Consorci Urbanístic pel desenvolupament de Sector Eixample Nord, al terme municipal de Vilanova i la Geltrú
(Consortium for the Urban Development of the Eixample Nord Sector in the municipality of Vilanova i la Geltrú)
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